Thursday, June 26, 2014

Saddle, Bridle, and Tips

When you make progress at a reasonable time, murphy's law happens and what can go wrong, will go wrong. After typing up some tips, I felt proud of myself and clicked send. Yep, instead it turned out the internet decided to go out. So the internet was out for the rest of the night.
So I did make progress on the saddle set. The reason why there's only one skirt? I cut two that was in the same exact shape. Haha.

While waiting for leather to dry, I made myself a western pony bridle.

Also here's some tips for if you're entering the Children/Youth show.

1) Research is your friend. Reading about breeds, different performance classes, and learning about the model horse hobby in general helps. You'll gain valuable knowledge. You'll learn about the rules that performance classes have and learn about breeds. For model horses, knowing the rules is one of the most important parts of showing. For my breed and performance cards, I have started to put the source at the bottom of my card (yes, school can cross over into model horse showing!) so that I can remember where I got the info from.
2) Have at least one copy of the rules and class list.When I showed I printed a couple of copies of the class list and printed the guides so that I had a hard copy, just in case my laptop wasn't working.
3) If you are new to showing and you have a ton of models, don't bring all of them.If you are relatively new to showing, don't bring too many models. This is a fast paced show, and if you are new to showing, bringing too many models will be an overload. Plus, if you overwhelm yourself, you won't be able to see other entries and may end up with a pony or two in the Pony Pound. Try to bring only your best models.
4) Bring a cover for your table. If your models fall, at least there is protection for them.
5) In terms of performance, research is key.The breyer website has plenty of articles from making props to an introduction to performance showing. There are plenty of model horse blogs too that help. Remember to look up the rules for the class you're showing in. Look at what's legal and what isn't and make a card that reflects what your horse is doing.

How To Pack Your ModelsFor all of the years I've gone to Breyerfest, I've gone by car. So if you fly or take a train, this may or may not help you. I've never flown or taken a train to Breyerfest.
What to Put Those Models InThere are many ways to transport your model horses. This is just my way of doing it. During my first couple of years of showing I used a suit case. It worked well for the couple of models I had. It's okay. Not bad, not good. Just in the middle.
I use a clear plastic container now. The pros of it are that it's easy to pack, you can stack stuff on top of it, it has a hard outside that will protect your models, and you can see through it. The con is that you have to carry it, but you can buy containers similar with wheels.
What to Pack Them With?Over the years I have used anything from blankets to that white pillow fluff to pack models in. Blankets are not the best idea. For one, you lay your models in layers on top of each other. If the models are not packed in tight enough, they can shift around and scratch each other. The white pillow fluff? It's one of the worst packing materials for models. It does not give them any padding, and it leaves a white fluffy dust all over the models.
Bubble wrap is one of the best materials. I use this sometimes.It gives padding and each model can be individually wrapped. But beware of hot temperatures. The bubble wrap could melt and mess up your mode's finish.
Pony pouches or drawstring bags work well too. All you have to do is stick your model in and tighten the string. Very fast and each model can have its own special bag. I also use these for my models. And t shirts always work. Models can be individually wrapped.
What Order?When it's time to pack your models, try to organize them by putting the models that are used last in the bottom of your travel case, and putting the ones that are used first at the top. It's always good to be prepared for being late. I also pack the night before.

My last tip is to HAVE FUN. Enjoy the day and make friends.
Feel free to ask any questions too.

**Unrelated: If anyone has a body or LSQ Harley D Zip that they'd like to trade, shoot me an email!

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