Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How To Make A Traditional Sized Balloon Race Prop

The Balloon Race is a pony club game in which riders ride up alongside six balloons, pop one, and ride back to their group so that the next rider can pop the next. Actual explanation of the game can be found here.

Anyways, the first part to the prop is the balloons. I bought them on Amazon since my local stores didn't seem to sell them. Now, if you have a local store that sells balloon cake toppers, lucky you! You really just want small ones.

So after trying to encourage Bullet the bunny that the outdoors is good for him (if human he would be a person who'd hiss at sunlight), I started on the how-to.
First you need to measure your wood. It should be only slightly wider than your balloons.
Next I cut the wood,
and cut a thinner piece of wood to go under the wood. It should be only a little bit wider than the width of the wood.
Then I painted it,
and glued the pieces together.
I used gel super glue, but wood glue should work too.
I began gluing the balloons but I wanted to have a popped one(you don't have to have a popped one)
I make a popped one, cut into it, making it almost sliver like.

Then using my heat gun, I shaped it to look 'popped'.
Glued the last one on.



  1. So cool! I didn't have cake toppers so I'm planning on using some small, hollow balls that I found at Michael's for $1. You get a ton for the price and they come in scale for minis too :)

    1. That's a awesome! I use those fake grapes now because you get a bunch. So I paint them whatever color I want.