Monday, April 14, 2014

Fun Times in the Poconos

My last high school Easter Vacation started last Wednesday. My self and my friend Samantha opted out of going on the school trip, so we ended up in the Poconos with my mom, sister, my sister's friend, two cats and a rabbit. We are staying at the same place as we did in October.
We arrived yesterday, got settled and went to sleep.
Today we went exploring and had a photoshoot at the nearby lake and rapids.

Samantha and I both like horses, so trail riding in the Poconos is a must.
So we looked up a couple of places, and stopped in at the closest ones. 
Paradise Riding Stable had a pen with three fuzzy,adorable, attention seeking cuties. 

One of the horses there.

The next place was  Pocono Manor Stables. They had some pretty horses.


  1. Replies
    1. It was fun. I didn't know you lived in the Poconos!

  2. Thanks for visiting the Pocono Mountains, Kristian! Hope you had a great getaway with your family & friends - - and all of the region's horses!