Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Models!

Yesterday, when I came home from school the first thing that I blurted was "Mom, did a package come for me?"
My mom stood and pondered the question for a second while I waited for an answer. The second yes came out of her lips, I was out the door, bringing my package inside (I come into the house from the garage, so I don't see anything on the front porch).
I bought them from Seunta, and they were well packed and are clean castings (Yay!).
I had been watching and looking at the loping Amity for a while. Performance? Yes!

I had also been looking at the Moo-Ya. Because no one can have too many cows.

I bought the two models and found out that there was a buy two get another free! So I picked another pony, and Arcane is the one that came. Sw-oon!
After having a horrible school day, having models come will turn a day completely around.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Body Buying Season-and an understanding of the sellers

'Tis the season to buy to load up on bodies for the rest of the year! The best way to know that spring and summer are upon us is to see yard sale signs.
The yard sales were sparse today, but I came home with the first body of the season. An old FAM. She will join last year's bodies, a waiting for inspiration to hit( which ultimately means dremel, sculpting, and hacking before reaching the permanent state of custom model horsey-ness).

There are two types of model horse sellers. Generally the model is in the same condition or worse than the model below. One seller sees 'old breyer' and 'collectable' and decides that the model is actually worth 30$. They will not bargain or be educated about the hobby. They will shout until they are blue that 'THIS IS BREYER. BREYERS ARE WORTH A TON OF MONEY NO MATTER IF I LET A BIRD POOP ON IT!' 'YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING. I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT COLLECTABLES AND NO MATTER THE CONDITION, I SHOULD GET RICH OFF OF THE THREE LEGGED STABLEMATE!'
 Then there is the other type of seller, who is very wonderful. The seller notices the flaws, crooked legs (or lack of legs), and says, 'well, this model may be a breyer but it is not in good condition. It is in very bad condition.' This seller marks the model for 10$ or less, leaning more towards less than $5 if the model is a smaller scale or has broken parts. These sellers I have found are generally more friendly too. They understand that condition affects value. The best way to know whether a person has a clue about what they are selling is if they are knowledgeable about conditioning affecting price. Sure, if it is a rare model (like the dragon raffle model from a couple of years back), sure it will still bring in a pretty penny in bad condition. But the number produced does affect value, as does mold.
So there's a little briefing before the full fledged yard sale season. Happy Hunting!

Friday, April 25, 2014


I finished a couple of the broken eggs. I kind of like their non-messy egg splattery ways.Then to finish the whole setup, I made some spoons with unbroken eggs in them.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jumping Into Miniatures

Pinterest can be dangerous.  There are so many how-tos and cool miniatures. So during the past couple of days I have been looking at and watching the how-tos on making things.
I made donuts tonight. They were easy and a pretty quick project.
I pulled out my newly bought clay, toothpick and a paper plate.

 Shaped the clay into balls, flattened them, and stabbed a hole with the end of a sculpting tool.

Baked them,

made the 'icing' out of acrylic paint and tacky glue.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Experimenting With Props

Today was the first day back to school from Spring Break. I want to try a new games prop for the next show I go to. So finding an easy project was much needed.
I chose egg and spoon.I gathered supplies,

and am curious to see how my broken eggs will dry.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Two Milestones

Five Paws Studio has passed 20,000 page views! Thanks everyone who has helped the blog reach the milestone.
Today I finished my first ever commission. It's an English saddle set. The reins have been shortened since the picture was taken.

I wasn't sure about making business cards, so my mom gave me the idea to just play around with publisher. So here's the results!
Saddle set will be heading off to its new home tomorrow!

I Now Is On The Facebook

I know, I know. This is the third and final post of today!
Anyway, I created a facebook page for the blog. I will still be posting here, but will also have stuff on the facebook one too.
If you're on Facebook, please like Five Paws Studio!

More Pictures

That card containing the pictures from the actual trail ride is currently missing. I didn't take my big camera on the trail because it would have needed two hands instead of one. So here are more pictures from the day!
There was a mini donkey that roamed around.
And an one week old calf who had a very protective mother.
Near the trail horses was an enclosure with two mini horses.
And more trail horses that were pretty to photograph.

And a sum up of the trip

Happy Easter!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Here's Bullet, my Easter Bunny.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Malibu Dude Ranch

Yesterday did look like this.

So there was no riding. So horseback riding was pushed back a day.
So today we ventured to the Malibu Dude Ranch. And it was filled with

large horses

And mini ones! Next post will be more detailed!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Snow Redo

The day started out rainy. So I did some saddle work (practice before the real thing!)

and the cats slept.

We went to the Casino Theatre, and saw Captain America 2 (must see the first one now!). (They have an awesome dinner-movie combo).

While walking out this happened.

I really want it to look like this tomorrow, because we are *hopefully* going riding. So go away snow!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Fun Times in the Poconos

My last high school Easter Vacation started last Wednesday. My self and my friend Samantha opted out of going on the school trip, so we ended up in the Poconos with my mom, sister, my sister's friend, two cats and a rabbit. We are staying at the same place as we did in October.
We arrived yesterday, got settled and went to sleep.
Today we went exploring and had a photoshoot at the nearby lake and rapids.

Samantha and I both like horses, so trail riding in the Poconos is a must.
So we looked up a couple of places, and stopped in at the closest ones. 
Paradise Riding Stable had a pen with three fuzzy,adorable, attention seeking cuties. 

One of the horses there.

The next place was  Pocono Manor Stables. They had some pretty horses.