Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Berks Saddle-ites 5th Annual Model Horse Show: OF Western

Western started out with Other Western, I think.
My lead line entry.

 So cute!

 My other entry.
Then it was western stock work.
 My Roxy.
Western Games

Hopefully I put the horses in the right class. Western is getting kind of hazy for me! So if you know a horse is in the wrong class, please comment!


  1. Oh my god! I know the owner of that paint Roxy in blue boots with the saddle pad with the number 116 on it! She asked me to make her a nylon breastplate for that horse, but she kind of just stopped emailing me and told me to wait for details since she was getting a new horse and saddle. Yeah...I honestly don't know if she's emailing back. Her name was Lizzie Mace, but that's all I know. What state was the show in?

    1. I was doing a trade with Lizzie and then when it was almost all done we changed her mind. :(

    2. Yeah, I don't really know what to think of her. I don't mean to be rude, but she's a seems to not be able to make her mind, and it was a bit annoying when she changed her mind on a set I was making for her and I was already half way done. Oh well, I've changed my policy now! She'll have to pay before I start so she can't have me start and not finish again! When you make people pay beforehand, they take it more seriously.

  2. Also, use model horse transactions and similar groups to discuss hobby transactions. Thanks!