Sunday, March 2, 2014

Berks Saddle-ites 5th Annual Model Horse Show: OF Other Performance

The Berks Show had China, OF, Performance,Artist Resin and even a novice division.
Here's the OF Other Performance Pictures.
The first class of the day was Harness.
There was one tiny but mighty entry.
Owned by Jessica Colgan

Next was Saddleseat. 
Owned by Barbara Niesley DiAnnibella

My model, which needs an actual girth and new bridle! I'm happy with my 2nd when against such a lovely model! :)

Costume was after that.
Can't remember the placing of this right now.

Owned by Kimberly Bleecker 

Next was Other Performance.
 My pack set.
 Brains. My zombie road setup.

Owned by Ashley Marconi

Grooming And Showmanship.
Loved this model and doll combo.
Owned by Kimberly Bleecker 
My doll's head kept falling off. Glad it stayed on for the class!


  1. I love live show pictures. Thanks for posting these!

  2. Thanks so much for the photos! Live show photos are one of my favorite things to look at on a blog! :)

  3. Your welcome, I love them too so I took a ton of them!