Monday, March 3, 2014

Berks Saddle-ites 5th Annual Model Horse Show: OF English Performance

The English portion began with Dressage.

Next came English Event.

 I had a foxhunting scene. The Fault In Our Stars brought me my first ever Blue ribbon in an Open Performance class!
Jumping/ Cross Country had a bunch of really nice jumps and setups. From this show I have learned that I need to clean out my trunk of horrors. Could not find my red and white flag and made do with pole bending poles with a triangle cut out for each side!

 Yay, The Fault In Our Stars!

Next was trail, with the Fault In Our Stars again. With some help, I learned that cantering over poles does not have the same sequence as trotting. (2 legs between poles for cantering) She brought a second place. Yay!

I seemed to have missed the rest of the models for trail and completely missed Pleasure, but tomorrow is western!


  1. I really like these -- makes one feel like they're right there! And congratulations on your first blue in Perf. That must mean a lot.

  2. Thanks!
    And glad you guys like the pictures!

  3. Congrats! :D And thanks for sharing your pictures. I love seeing performance pics from shows. :)

  4. Congrats! I think it's great that you put so much of your own work into your entries too. :) Thanks for sharing your photos!