Monday, February 3, 2014

The Tack Box

At numerous shows, I have seen awesome tack boxes.
The ones I've loved were always similar to...

or this.
They always seemed to be out of my grasp. I couldn't figure out how to make it. 
A couple of days ago it finally hit me. 
A regular box flipped on its side (yes, this is what held me up).
So I had a snow day today which meant I had a chance to try to make one. 

I decided to go small before going large.

This is the result.

It has four hooks for four bridles or halters. There's space for two saddles, English or Western sized. Native American or Arab sized costumes will not fit. The bottom has space for saddle pads.  While it isn't large by any means, it is a great start. And it was alot of fun to make.


  1. So cool. What did you use for the saddle racks?

  2. They are from a kit that came from Pony. They were horseshoe shaped fasteners.