Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Indoor Carriage Racing

Here are some pictures from the indoor carriage race. Indoor Carriage Racing is a competition where horse and driver maneuver around obstacles at a fast pace.The first person controls the horse, while the second one balances the weight of the carriage so it doesn't flip...or fall....or any other types of gravity issues.

The horses entered the arena, did a lap around the arena, before starting their run.
This was a fast pony and he finished first or second overall. All of the teams did two runs.

Some trotted,

Others galloped.

Some dropped their pace when they maneuvered around obstacles,

while others kept up a fast pace.
Equipment picture.

PS. Feel free to use my pictures for performance! If you use them for a setup, I'd love to see pictures of it!


  1. Thanks for all these great photos!

  2. Yes, thanks for letting us get a peep at the National Western! I'm originally from Boulder (now in PA) and I miss it. What great galloping-in-harness reference. Since you're in Harrisburg, are you in touch with Didi Hornberger?

    1. That's cool that you're from Boulder. I've gone to Didi Hornberger's show before, but no, I'm not in touch with her. And it's been a couple of years since I've gone to her show too, but I'm hoping to try to meet more model horse people, especially from PA, this year.