Sunday, December 1, 2013

Drafty Trot

I finished my *gag* paper and felt up to doing model horse-y things again.
Even though I didn't show at NAN this year, it was right in my backyard. Peter stone was selling bodies/seconds, so one of the three models I bought was a draft horse.

I decided to make the draft guy a little looser. I chopped off his ears,


and the bobs.

Next I added a piece of wire into the butt and secured it with super glue and backing soda.

Originally I was going to sculpt the tail tonight, but I decided to resculpt the muzzle instead.
I used my dremel and carved some of the muzzle.

Then I took it a step farther and resculpted alot of it.

The bottom lip and part of the top lip were partially resculpted.

Parts still need further detail added, but I will do that after the apoxie has hardened.


  1. Why not leave the pretty drafter the way he was?

    1. I wanted to make him different. The original model is pretty, but I wanted something unique. Plus he gave me practice with sculpting faces, which is always a good thing!

  2. Love the new muzzle and nostrils!