Monday, December 2, 2013

Books + Horses=Christmas

Today I made a book tree made out of horse books, mainly the Thoroughbred series. 
I started with a base.
And built it up. If you haven't heard of the Thoroughbred series, it surrounds the life of Ashleigh and her horses. Sadly, the pile of books you see aren't the entire collection. I started reading them and realized that I didn't have a book, and I stopped reading them then. (I will buy the book one day). Anyways, the series is very well written and I recommend it to horse lovers and people who don't want a large horse book.

 Some of the books are from another book club, called Pony. The top book, Battlecry Forever by Joanna Campbell (who also created the Thoroughbred series), was one of my favorite books that Pony sent out, so that's why I placed it there.
Hopefully you're enjoying the season!


  1. Battlecry Forever was an AWESOME book. The Thoroughbred series was amazing! I kinda wish I had finished the entire series. It was just so long and so many books! Good memories! Thank you!

    1. They are great memories. And I'm glad to know someone else enjoyed Battlecry Forever!
      I wish I had finished them too. One day :)

  2. I have plans to make a beach scene with horses. :-)