Friday, July 19, 2013

The very scary hotel

So my mom and I had gotten to the hotel and thought all was well. We were close to The Kentucky Horse Park, so everything was looking great. Until we got into bed.

Once we had lifted up the covers we saw this.

We were given another room and it was just as bad.

Nonsmoking? Hmmm.....

Finally the last room was *barely* sleep-able, but much better. Plus it after midnight by then, and we both were tired.

In the morning we told them we would check out. After visiting Georgetown College (another post) we retrieved our things and are now staying at Howard Johnson. And boy is it nice, although anything is better that that Super 8. ~Shudders~

But I did buy a stormy and a classic Thoroughbred body! That' a plus! :)


  1. Ugh! Reason #eleventybillion why I haaaate smokers.

    1. I don't hate smokers, but when going to a hotel you know that a billion people have already slept in the room, but you don't have to be reminded about it. Plus the room was supposed to be non smoking.....~Shudders~

  2. Was this the Super 8 in Georgetown? A million years ago (ok, twenty) I used to stay there all the time. It was new then and nice. I guess time has not been kind! :P

    1. No, it was the one in Lexington. The one in Georgetown is nice! We just decided to try to get as close to Kentucky Horse Park as possible. That was a mistake lol.