Thursday, July 4, 2013

Model Horse Fun Day!

So today I went over to my friend's house, Madison Pollihan of Gyrfalcon Studios, for a model horse fun day. It started out early, and we both did completely different things.
Maddi was finishing up her custom,
while I was fixing another. The pony now has textured hair on some of him. I need to finish the bottom of his legs.  (Notice the 'him' part? Yup, the pony has decided on a gender. It's a boy!)
We both took up a side of the table.
My side. It's always fun to browse Facebook whenever you're doing model horses, isn't it?
Maddi and I also did a trade. I got a Misty.  Misty didn't stay in one piece though, but that's for another day.
We also had a little bit too much fun with a doll I brought. Zombie girl--I can't spell nor pronounce the name Maddi gave her. :)
Lovely isn't she?
Well that's the end of the Model horse day. Any one else in PA wanna do one sometimes?