Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little quirks and important things to Know About Performance

So here's a little funny tips blurb I came up with. Just finished packing for Breyerfest since we're leaving tomorrow, so hopefully everyone has a safe trip, and hope to see you there!
1) Western pleasure horse bridles do not have nose bands, so chop off those nose bands from Breyer Western Bridles
2) Arabian horses in arena costume do not trot
3) Sticky wax is a great gift as long as you don't make your horse look like it has rabies
4) Zippo Pine Bar is jogging, not walking
5) Dolls with the hard plastic boots will look like beginners due to their limited amount of mobility to push those heels dowwwn.
6) Beware of packing your models in any type of packing material that sticks to them. It makes said model look like a weird bumpy mummy.
7) Always make sure you have extra tags at a show so if your model decides it wants to be rogue, you can rope it  back in.
8) Bring extra wrapping material just in case you come home with extras.
9) People have a habit of bringing awesomely cool models to shows, so make sure you can bring a camera so you can drool over pictures later.
10) Research, research, and research even more....

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