Thursday, July 25, 2013

Breyerfest Recap

Breyerfest was alot of fun! This will be short since my computer is acting up. -_- So I'll just show pictures. ;)

Friday, July 19, 2013

The very scary hotel

So my mom and I had gotten to the hotel and thought all was well. We were close to The Kentucky Horse Park, so everything was looking great. Until we got into bed.

Once we had lifted up the covers we saw this.

We were given another room and it was just as bad.

Nonsmoking? Hmmm.....

Finally the last room was *barely* sleep-able, but much better. Plus it after midnight by then, and we both were tired.

In the morning we told them we would check out. After visiting Georgetown College (another post) we retrieved our things and are now staying at Howard Johnson. And boy is it nice, although anything is better that that Super 8. ~Shudders~

But I did buy a stormy and a classic Thoroughbred body! That' a plus! :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We made it!

So today my mom and I left for Kentucky today. we  went way of,
before getting to Kentucky!
Now to go get ready for a college visit tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little quirks and important things to Know About Performance

So here's a little funny tips blurb I came up with. Just finished packing for Breyerfest since we're leaving tomorrow, so hopefully everyone has a safe trip, and hope to see you there!
1) Western pleasure horse bridles do not have nose bands, so chop off those nose bands from Breyer Western Bridles
2) Arabian horses in arena costume do not trot
3) Sticky wax is a great gift as long as you don't make your horse look like it has rabies
4) Zippo Pine Bar is jogging, not walking
5) Dolls with the hard plastic boots will look like beginners due to their limited amount of mobility to push those heels dowwwn.
6) Beware of packing your models in any type of packing material that sticks to them. It makes said model look like a weird bumpy mummy.
7) Always make sure you have extra tags at a show so if your model decides it wants to be rogue, you can rope it  back in.
8) Bring extra wrapping material just in case you come home with extras.
9) People have a habit of bringing awesomely cool models to shows, so make sure you can bring a camera so you can drool over pictures later.
10) Research, research, and research even more....

Monday, July 15, 2013

My First Donation Piece

As you know, I'm a big fan of the Misty Stories and Chincoteague ponies on general, so it really isn't a huge shocker that my first donation piece would evolve around the island of Chincoteague and their ponies.
My donation isn't being sent to a model horse show. Instead it's being sent to the Feather Fund who has a model horse auction every year during Pony Penning Week to fund their cause. Every year the Feather Fund holds an essay contest that gifts a Chincoteague Pony from the auction to a girl or boy. In order for them to be able to fund this they hold an auction that sells off model horses that are painted to look like the real herd members.
So my model is painted to look like Black Tie Affair AKA 'Ace'. 
Here's the real pony
The story of The Feather Fund is amazing and inspirational.It started in 1995, not yet known as the Feather Fund, when two girls wanted to buy their own Chincoteague Pony at the auction but did not have enough money to. A woman named Carollynn Suplee came up to them and wanted to buy them a pony. She told the family that she wanted to give back after surviving a cancer surgery and felt that God was leading her to do so. The two girls got their pony and named him Sea Feather. Every year after that Carollynn Suplee would buy a pony for a kid or buy a buy back foal until her death in 2003 after her cancer returned. She touched enough people for the Feather Fund to be started and continued in her honor.
If you'd like to learn more (and read the entire history on the Feather Fund) here's the website

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Things to see at Breyerfest

There are mmmany cool things to see during Breyerfest.

1) See the Parade of Breeds.
It's very informative and what's not to love about seeing a bunch of cool horse breeds?

2) Visit the different museums.

3) See the famous horses at the Hall of Champions

4) Watch the demos and see the real horses.

5) Go to the madness at the Clarion and buy,buy, and buy!
(Don't have a picture of this but imagine a hotel full of model horse people everywhere. Then you'll get the picture.)
6) Try to visit the shows.
The youth one has the best youth showers.

The Open has awesome stuff.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


RIP my lovely dremel. You served me well during your life of drilling through model horses of all sizes. You will be missed.
But here is the new replacement. Hasn't been taken out of the box yet, but it's a Dremel 4000. :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Model Day!

So today was another artsy day at Madison's house. I worked on dolls.
hmmm....I think I cut a little bit too much. What do you think?
 Madison worked on actual models. If you'd like to see more of her model's story, head over to her blog: Here !!! I did get stuff done though. That'll be for another day.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How To Give Your Pony A Furry Coat

This is a how-to on giving your model a fuzzy texture.

How To Give Your Pony A Furry Coat

For this how-to you'll need a couple of things.

  • Modeling Paste 
  • Gesso
  • Sponge/ dabber tool
  • Paint Brushes (A hard brush, not a soft one)

First off you need a smooth model. It can have a mane.

Next, mix equal parts of the gesso and modeling paste.

This is a picture of the paint brush I used. It is a nice brush, so I didn't have to worry about hairs getting in it.

Using the sponge, dab some of the mixture on the horse's body.
(Sorry about the pic quality. Bad lighting)
Here comes the importance of having a picture of a horse's hair growth pattern.
Shoestring Stable has a great one. Here
Following your reference, run your paint brush through the mixture in the same direction of your reference.
I recommend doing your model in phases so you don't mess up on what you had already done.
Here's the end result of what you get. (The other horse refused to have a good picture of him taken)
Now you have a fuzzy pony! This is a really easy technique that brings really cool results on your model horse.