Sunday, June 23, 2013

NAN 2013

So yesterday I did get to stop by and see some of the awesome things at NAN.

  Before getting into the actual horses at NAN here's some of the Breyerfest horses.

I'm really happy about the celebration horse. He looks really nice and not orange. :)

The stablemates for the one day ticket-ers.
I really like this one....imagine all of the performance possibilities!

Now here are some of the NAN pictures. I have a lot, so here are a couple highlights. Over the next couple of days I'll have performance and halter ponies for y'all.


  1. You have no idea how happy I am that Smart and Shiny is not as toxic orange as the Breyer pictures show!

    1. Agreed--he's so pretty and has wonderful markings!

  2. The new stablemates are gorgeous! I can't wait until they are regular runs! How did the Andalusian look?

    1. Yes! They'll be alot of fun once they are regular runs. :)
      I thought the Andalusian was cute. Not my favorite of the bunch, but it was still nice. It reminded me a lot of the Breyer Breeds of the World Andalusian.