Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cuteness and Hackness

Pretty sure hackness is not a word, but that's ok. The title of this post flows. All is good. Plus, I do not consider a day over until I go to sleep. Currently it's going on 2 A.M. But it still isn't a new day to me! Not until I go to sleep. :)
Anyways, today my mom, sister's friend's mom and I, went to my mom's friend's house and guess what were there? Kittens. Six, fat, wriggly, high pitched meowing three week old kittens.
Sooo cute and soft
After coming home, I did not feel like prepping, so what do I do? Start on another custom.
Today's victim was an old safari horse, that I've had for forever. I envisioned him to have a lowered neck, and to be more performance friendly.
I accidentally got a little crazy with the dremel and the poor horse has lost a nice portion of his mouth. The neck needs some more work, but slow and steady wins the race!

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