Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting Ready For Breyerfest-Making Customs With Performance In Mind-PT 3

Here is the final installment of Making Customs With Performance In Mind. It'll tie up the loose ends of the last two.
Customs with Dolls and Tack

When making your model, remember that if you want to use dolls that you need to remember the off limits box.  Remember what a person looks like on a horse. Remember where the saddle and saddle pad will be. Try not to have the mane flowing in that direction or in that section. Remember also where the reins will go. Imagine an imaginary person on top of your model if you think you may want a doll used.
If you do not want to use a doll, but decide on your model being a harness horse, be sure to remember where the harness will go. If your harness will have a bearing rein or a crupper, take that in account to how you do your model. Don't have a wild mane when you will have to find a way to snake a bearing rein through. If you want a crupper, don't have a tail that won't allow your horse to have one on that looks natural. Granted, I have models where the crupper can no fit underneath the tail. I had to cut the crupper then.
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Well that's the end of the Performance Customs, next comes the fun customs and what to remember when making them!

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