Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting Ready for the C/Y Show--The Art Of Customs

Customs come in every model size available.
They can come in dog shapes,

And horsey ones.
Horse Customs may be remade with performance in mind,
Or created for the fun pose.
And supplies can range from pastels to air-brushes.
In short though, customs are always a change, whether in color or position, from orignal finish.
At the BF C/Y show, entrants are only allowed to remake their own models.
The cool thing about Breyerfest is that even if you don't want to go out and buy a new model to hack up, they have free stablemate painting for kids. So every kid can potentionally enter a custom model. Adults can paint too. They just have to pay a dollar or so. Very reasonable.
Customs are not so different from Orignal Finish models. When making a custom, it's very important to make sure all of the seams are gone, and that the Breyer Logo isn't there either. You don't want people thinking it's a regular model, right?
When prepping, make sure that the model is smooth, like the orignal finish models. That's very important. The idea and concept of a model may be a A++, but if the model's prepping contains bumps, clay leftovers, or huge chunks missing from its body, it could bump the model to last place.
Lines, circles, notes made to remind me where to sand.
The paint job's also an important part of model horses. You do not want overspray, or paint drips. Also, 'flat paintings', which is where a model does not have any shading, is a problem too.
You can't go and buy a custom from someone else and claim it as your own during Breyerfest's C/Y show. . For one, that's ethically wrong. How do you feel good winning, when you know you cheated and lied about who created your new model? Two, the point of the BF C/Y show is to teach children how to show. It's a beginner show. If you want to show your arist made custom, go show in the open show. Every year there is a controversy due to the fact that someone, knowing the rules, goes and shows a model not made by their own hands. Maybe if it's said enough, maybe there will not be a case of it! It's wishful thinking I know. *Mini Rant
Anyways, I'll split up customs in a couple of ways. Performance and Halter. And different techniques hopefully including: clay, supplies, etc.

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