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Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover PT. 3

Here's the final installment of the Misty Ponies!

Last I talked about the Misty Ponies, I talked about Sea Star and Misty.
Picture I took in Beebe Barn
Picture of Marguerite Henry and Misty

Now come the descendants.
Misty along with her foals--pic from here
Stormy was Misty's last foal, and is the one that kept Misty's line going. Misty's other foals, Phantom Wings and Wings O' Mist, died from getting sick off of feed and the foals they had did not reproduce.
So Stormy kept on the line. Marguerite Henry wrote, Stormy, Misty's Foal, off of her birth.

Misty and Stormy--Photo from Here

Doesn't the picture look familiar?

The interesting thing about the story? For Stormy's actual birth, she and Misty lived with relatives of the Beebes. The whole flood and being on the house steps were real though.
Misty and Stormy on the steps-from here

Stormy, once she passed away, was preserved along side her mother.

The Breyer model and the real Stormy's markings match.

Misty's other foals never became as famous as Stormy. Breyer did commemorate Phantom Wings with an adorable model of him. He passed away young along with his his sister, Wings O' Mist , so even though they did have foals, they did not have any descendants to keep the lines going. The Breyer Model and the real pony's markings match.
Sign that was in the Beebe House

Phantom Wings-Photo from Here, where you can buy the picture

Misty's Black Mist along with Misty II and Misty's May Day Twister were made by Breyer to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Misty of Chincoteague. There have been books written about the ponies, but I have not read them.
Misty II's model has the same exact markings of the pony. Misty II was the last grand foal of Misty alive. She died years ago. She was named Misty II because she carried the same pattern as the original Misty. The mold is a mare so that's always a plus and the color is pretty close.
Pic from here

Now for May Day Twister and Black Mist, it's a completely different story. First off Twister's mold is a colt. The real pony is a mare. The markings are also completely different. In real life, Twister and Black Mist are Misty II's foals. Twister is also a part of the Chincoteague Drill Team.
Twister and Misty II-Found this pic on Facebook

For Black Mist, the only problem is the mold. The markings are correct. Black Mist once again is a mare. The mold is a stallion/gelding which doesn't particularly help a mare. Black Mist was a part of the Chincoteague Pony Drill Team.
Black Mist Also has a Facebook Page

Nightmist is a Misty Pony, even though Breyer hasn't made a Breyer model of him. Jessie-Ann Friend wrote a book about him, which I have and it's signed! It's a cute story about Nightmist told similarly in the same way as Marguerite Henry wrote.

 Nightmist was Windy's last foal. Windy died shortly after he was born due to the fact that she was old when she had Nightmist and his birth put alot of strain on her. I was lucky enough to go to the stallion's birthday party in 2008 and took some pictures of him. He died a couple years ago from colic.
Nightmist's birthday party
The last Pony who we will look at is Misty's Twilight. The model and the real horse have the same markings. Misty's Twilight in real life is only part pony, hence her larger size. She was the last Misty Pony that Marguerite Henry wrote about, and I haven't been able to find any info about whether or not she is alive.
Misty's Twilight--Photo from Here

Well, that's the last of the Misty ponies. Who knows, maybe I'll dig up info on other horses that were based on books and look up info on them. :)
Misty and Marguerite Henry--Pic source

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