Thursday, April 4, 2013

How To Get Ready For Breyerfest C/Y Show PT 1--Deciding What, Where, And When

Even though Breyerfest doesn't start until July, getting ready is required waaay before then. This will be a possible series on getting ready for the Children/Youth Breyerfest Show. Last year was the final year that I was able to show in the C/Y show, but this year I'm on the Staff! Hopefully this will help Breyerfest C/Y showers, and maybe even regular showers.

Deciding What, Where, and When

Decisions, decisions.
For the show you first need to order your ticket. To show at the Breyerfest Shows, you must have a 3 day button. Remember, if you order your ticket before April 15, you're entered to win a special model. Plus it helps that the price is lowered too. Can't forget that.

Honky Tank-Early bird special-pic from Breyer's website

Next you must fill out the show info. Don't wait on this. The show does have a day that you must enter by. Plus you'll want to add in if you have a certain person you'll want to sit with. Put in the basic generic facts, but you'll come to a point that asks you to decide between a half of a table, or a full sized table. To decide on the size it comes down to two things. Number of models and who's with ya.
pic from

If you're bringing 40 traditional sized models along with props and everything else that's model horse related with you, a full sized table will be a life saver for you. If you're bringing a traditional model, a couple of stablemates and a doll or two, a half of a table will make more sense to you. For my first Breyerfest show, I had half a table. Back then, my collection wasn't nearly the size that it was and I took maybe 20 models. Probably less maybe more. But it was a long ways from the max 40, that's for sure. Plus I had plenty of space on my little half of a table. The perks of having a full table is the obvious: Space. Even if you don't plan on bringing a truckload of models with you, but want to have space to have a laptop, food, notebooks and binders on the table, a full table will give ample space.
Pic from
Who's with you? If it's only yourself and an adult, you could probaly find a tiny corner that they could call their own for the show. Now if you're bringing your family, having a large table to separate your models from possible accidents can really give you peace of mind.
Once you're finished then you're done! Press send and wait to hear back about your entry being recieved and being sent an invite to join the yahoo group for showers.

Did this help anyone? Are there any topics anyone would like to be written about? Comment away!


  1. This was helpful! I missed your blog! Kept checking everyday for a new post. Glad you are back!