Sunday, April 7, 2013

Getting Ready For The C/Y Show Pt. 2-Picking Showable Models

Oh Where Oh Where Did Those Perfect Models Go?

Once you've submitted your entry form and gotten back that you're in, it's time to start thinking about which models to enter. For the Breyerfest C/Y show, the models must be Breyer made. So even though you may bring resins, Peter Stones, or even safari plastics on the long trek to Kentucky, none of them may be shown during Breyerfest.
The models that can be shown at Breyerfest are any Breyer made or Breyer customized by entrant made models.  Here's a link to the class list---Class list. Notice that there are only 2 classes that say specifically entrant customized. In performance you may also show models that were customized by the entrant. Notice the important part--BY THE ENTRANT. Nope, no going to your parents and asking them to make you a model to show in your name. No going on Youtube and commissioning someone to make your model. Only YOU can make the model. Every year there seems to be an incident where a person showed a model that was not made by them even though it's spelled out in the rules what you can't and can do. Be fair and follow the rules, 'cause how is it fun to win, when you didn't follow the rules? I'll address more about customs later.

When getting your original finish models together, take a close look at them. Breyerfest is a competitive show, so you'll want to bring the best models that you have. Unless you're looking to show a model in the most loved class. It doesn't matter what the model looks like in that class.

Look closely for rubs,


and other obvious defects. Some rubs and scratches can be fixed but try to look for the best first. 
No Padre doesn't have any defects (he's purrfect) but the original model was made off of a cartoon. So therefore Padre has the mold of a cartoon. While he does have a slight chance of placing against other models, the likely hood of him placing over more realistic models isn't that great. That's the fun thing about models. You can go as realistic as you'd like!
Once you're done that, you've figured out how to pick out a perfect model horse. A how to on picking breeds will be later.

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