Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting Ready for Breyerfest C/Y Show Pt. 5

How To Make Breed Cards for Part-breds

Making breed cards for mixed horses is slightly different than regular breeds. Your model is a mix of two, not one, so you need both sides to be represented. 
I'm going to use my Palomino Weather girl as an example. Since she's palomino, she can't be a full blooded Arabian horse. So I looked up different half-Arabian crosses, and eventually came to the Arab x Welsh pony cross. 

Since this horse will be a well known mix, I mark the breed card as:

Arab x Welsh Cross
Description: A small pony with Arabian refined features
Height: 11 Hands-15 hands
Color: Any color except Appaloosa
 For crosses that aren't well known, make sure you have a picture of either a horse of that linage or two pictures of the parent breeds. When using mixes that aren't nationally recognized , you don't really need a description, height, color, etc of horse breeds. Crosses are fun because there are so many ideas and mixes that you can use!
Well, that's the end of the Halter part of Breyerfest (I think), so hopefully the next installment is performance or customs!

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