Saturday, April 13, 2013

Getting Ready For BF C/Y Show PT 4-Typing Up Those Breed Cards

In here   I mentioned that you need to make breed cards for rare breeds, rare colors, or mixes. This is a how-to on how I make breed cards. There are many other ways. Some people cut up their breed books and slide their cuttings into organized sleeves inside a binder. I do not, mostly because of some shows having strict rules on the page sizes and all. It's just easier for me to type it up than to cut. Plus if I have an electronic copy, I can keep printing them off to my heart's desire. With a book I only have one copy. Once that one copy is lost or messed up, that's the end of that breed card.

How To Make Breed Cards

When searching online for breed info there are two roots you can go. You can look at the actual breed website or a list of horse breeds. Or an actual physical breed book can be used. This how-to is for internet, but it could be easily applied to physical books.
The things that you want to include in your breed card are:
  • Conformation
  • Height 
  • Color
  • Uses (if space allows) 
  • Picture (will be shown later, so don't worry)
For conformation you don't want all of this, it simply will not fit on a small card. I'll show you using the Russian Don Horse. Take only the important parts. You want the bare minimum that gets the point across, so no history or vast amounts of description about your horse breed.
The important stuff is highlighted
I use Microsoft word, and make a text box.
3 X 5 sized

Then I type in the info

Next it's time to look for pictures. When I type up the breed in Good images, I get a variety of shapes and sizes. (Howrse is still around? Wow I was one of the 'first gen' people when it came out in '09). Anyways, you want to find a horse that looks like yours but follows the breed description. You don't want the horse to look completely wrong for the breed you're trying to portray. 

Copy and paste the picture into the document and re-size it.
I also add the source where I got the breed info from.

Next will be on mixes. :)


  1. Lol! I remember playing on Howrse too! I had a total addiction to that game, but after a while, I just kinda stopped playing and completely forgot about it....I wonder if my account is still on there?

    Thanks for the tutorials! They're very helpful

    1. Glad they helped! :)
      I stopped playing and then a yr later went back, but my account was deleted, so there's a chance that it isn't there anymore.