Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting a New 'Do

Have you ever had a custom that orignally seemed like a good idea but turns out to be a drag? Well this guy sure enough did. Ugh.


During the weekend, I traded a gigantic airplane book for a jumbo sized book about the history of Thoroughbred Racing in America. This book is full of wonderful pictures of race horses.
This is such a pretty copy! :)

Which got me thinking about other positions that Satan could be in, which is an attentive standing weanling/yearling going to auction.

The most important part of customizing is research. The more research you do, the better your chance of making a realistic model. I purposely chose a horse where I didn't have to move every. single. leg. Once I figured it out, I marked where I needed to cut.

Then using my trusty heat gun, I heated up the plastic enough to where I could cut chunks of my plastic off.Once I did that, here came the heating and changing of position.

I also closed gator mouth. Doesn't he look so much more friendly?

Well, the next part is sculpting!

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