Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Body Dilemma

I have a problem.
I have this horrible habit of starting projects and never finishing them. Model horses allow for me to continue this bad habit. Of all of the customs that I've made, I can count on my hands the number I've finished. It would take my toes included and probably some other body parts to count the number of models I've started and not finished.
Normally what happens is that I have a vision. I get excited about said project and literally just dive in without researching the amount I need to.
Since the idea was based on merely an inkling, the fire quickly burns out and the started model meets the graveyard of burned out horses.
Here are the main "project" horses. Some of them just need to be prepped. But some of them need alot of help. *cough-cough-Silver-cough* and others just need minor re-sculpting *cough-cough-Saddlebred Yearling-cough* Since I'm on Christmas break, I'm hoping to take down the number in project horses and at least have some of them be prepped at least.


  1. I have the same problem! I should be working on them over break... LOL I never get around to it, though!

    1. Yes, customizing model horses is like potatoe chips. You can never stop at one!