Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pattern is Done!

The Saddleseat pattern is finished and read to be tried out!


  1. LOVE your blog! It inspires me with my customs and tack making! Any suggestions on where to buy leather and the skiving tool?

  2. Thanks!
    For leather and the skiving tool, I recommend going to a Tandy Leather Factory Store if you have one nearby. They have leather lace, stamps, glue, tooling leather, and any other type of cool leather stuff you can think of. The type of leather I use for saddles is petite tooling calf. I used to use the leather you can buy at Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics, but it's too thick to make anything with and doesn't have the nice finish that other lace has. For Skiver, Rio Rondo sells small pieces of it. The Unicorn Woman also sells it, but in larger sheets that's about 8 x 11 inches. Hope that helps!