Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Models always lose against pets

When I came home from school today, this was the surprise I got.

Yup, that was the 2011 reserve custom champ at the Breyerfest C/Y show.

Buckbeak may have been able to beat the controversy surrounding him at the show, but he couldn't win against four paws of kitten-ness. And cute-ness I must add.
The Culprit who was covered in the green scenic stuff
Shockingly, the damage wasn't too bad. Most of his talons are gone and a huge crack in his front leg, but that's the worse. He was made out of crayola clay which is not very strong.

What I have noticed about crayola clay, and it may be true about other similar clays, is that is defiantly has a short life span. After about a year or two, the clay begins to crumble. So glad that I now use  Apoxie!

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