Sunday, December 30, 2012

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover...PT 1

Well, for this post I defiantly am.
I've always loved Marguerite Henry's Misty books since 3rd grade when my teacher read Misty Of Chincoteague to my class. I'm not sure if teachers still do that, but I know for my class my teacher did! So I've made quite a collection of the Misty Ponies over the years slowly finding the models.
Even though I have enough to have a generic collector's class entry, you normally want to add more to them to give off some spark. So slowly but surely I've been adding the books to the collection. But not any books. I've been trying to collect the original covers. The original covers, to me, look nicer, shows that you've put a little effort in than going to the neighborhood bookstore, and normally matches the model better.

Friday, I gained a hardback copy of  Sea Star. I work at a book store and saw it and asked about it, and it was given to me! Thanks again! :) Plus if you're coming to NAN you may like to stop by: Cupboard Maker Books

It isn't a first printing,
but still the book's cover pretty much matches the pose of the Breyer Sea Star.
Instead of having to open the paperback to the picture of Sea Star, it's right on the front of the hardback.
Now the Paperback, after some researching, seems to have the original cover,

And may be a first printing, but I need to do further research to confirm that it's a first printing, paperback copy.

Well, that's all for now for the Misty Ponies.


  1. Do you have A Pictorial Life Story of Misty. This is the real (i.e. nonfiction account of Misty's life and it's filled with photographs. As much as I enjoyed the novels, this is the Misty book I read over and over over again!

    1. No, but it's on my to-buy list to get eventually. I keep hoping to run across it at a yard sale/flea market (that's how I got the signed copy of Brighty!), but after waiting for a couple of years I need to just suck it up and buy it. :)

  2. You won't be sorry. It's worth every penny! :)

    P.S. Just found your blog a few days ago and read back through all the posts. Don't know how I missed it before, but you do a great job. Keep going!!!