Monday, October 22, 2012

Round Up

Every year, the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company has a fall roundup for their ponies. The goal for this isn't to gather foals, but instead to vaccinate the ponies. Compared to Pony Penning week, barely anyone was here. So everyone could get front row seats!

Trekking on a little trail, my aunt, mom, cousin and I waited. Soon someone pointed and the sound of thundering hooves came. But it was a false alarm, they were tame horses.

After waiting a little bit longer a new louder pounding noise came.
The ponies were galloping in a line with the cowboys riding and guiding them on the side. It was really awesome to watch.

 The ponies then crossed a stream and entered into their holding corral.

 Once in, many of the ponies started rolling.

Then a tiny head poked through! He was the only foal in this group.

There's two herds in Assateague. One in the north and another in the south. The herd we saw was the smaller one.
The trip was a blast!

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