Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Today I did return to school. I was sad about going back, but it was a great to have two days off and be lucky enough not to lose power or suffer major damage.
Now getting back to model horses. This guy I started during the storm, but Someone Like You (Hurricane Sandy) took up most of my time. When I first started customizing, hacking up a perfectly good OF was off limits. Back then my collection was also very small and my ears had never heard of the phrase, 'body model.' Today, my collection is a nice size and I always am searching for body models whenever I go to yard sales and flea markets. You never know what you may find!
One of the OF body models I have I hacked up. I always thought Zippo could do more than jog! In my mind, I had him loping on the bit. The great thing about model horses is that one small change can completely redo the model's look.
First, his front leg needed moved. (Wonderful, right? Poor horse)
Next, I made a cut under his throat and behind his ears so his head could be lowered. Then his legs lower legs were cut so he was in the right position.
So this is Frank-A-Storm, named in honor of the stormy weather and the storm. And Happy Halloween!

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