Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today the weather made up for all of the rainy days. It wasn't blistering but it also wasn't bitterly cold. The weather stayed in the middle and the sun showed bright. So we all loaded into the car and drove to Assateague. First we stopped at the welcome center.
There were numerous exhibits that were pretty cool.
I took tons of photos of the pony info. Anyone interested in a post about the ponies? Post a comment!

After the little visit we walked to the beach and there was no one really. This is the time to go! Very few people were on the beach.
Shell collecting was endless!
My cousin, aunt, sister and mom looking for shells
The ocean was beautiful. The sweet smell of salt filled the air along with the powerful surge of crashing waves.
We all went up and down the beach, but saw no ponies. Driving up to the beach and back from the beach we looked but the ponies seemed to be hiding. After some more walking we left the beach. Then we stopped for dinner at Maria's since today is my sister's birthday! A great ending to a beautiful day!

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