Monday, September 3, 2012

RIP Black--But Welcome New!

Do you remember this guy? Well he is no more. My kittens decided to push him off my shelf, causing his paint job to be ruined. His scratches cut pretty deep! You could see some of his original finish color!
Well, the horse no longer Black, is now a blue roan paint.
 I've never done the hair by hair detailing before, but it was alot of fun. It took forever but worked out. One of the few model horse customizing jobs I could do sitting in front of the TV without making a mess.
The ingredients I used were:
white charcoal pencil
white prismacolor pencil
gray pastel
matte finish spray
I used this picture alot to know how a horse's hair flows. After each layer I would spray the matte finish and tone down the white hair marks with gray pastels.
Here he is at the moment. His white markings are being blocked in, and his hooves and eyes need done, but I really like him! Once all of that's done, he will be haired.

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