Sunday, August 5, 2012

Run Black!

I love The Black Stallion Books. I enjoyed the movies, but the books are great.

I have alot of the hardback older copies of the book.

So being given a classic Man O' War model I went to hack it up to be The Black.
This is how Walter Farley described the black.
"His mane was like a crest, mounting, then falling low. His neck was long and slender, and arched to the small, savagely beautiful head. The head was that of the wildest of all wild creatures- a stallion born wild- and it was beautiful, savage, splendid. A stallion with a wonderfully physical perfection that matched his savage, ruthless spirit."
I hacked off the ears. Then the tail ( I was also watching TV at the same time)
And used  this Ear Tutorial from Don't Eat The Paint blog to make the ears. 
Added apoxie here and there. Used alot of Don't Eat The Paint 's tutorials for fixing the legs and hooves. Also sanded the mane down even more.

 Wrapped the tail with string and glue. Then started painting.
All dry.
 Gave him eyes
 Then started hairing. Will post pics of him once his hair is under control!


  1. Nice job! Especially on the ears- he's got a great expression. I look forward to seeing him finished!

  2. Thanks! He'll have a special post when I get home from my cruise. :)