Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reach For The Light!

Yes, another movie quote. This time it isn't The Fox And The Hound though! It's from Balto today since he's a wolf dog.
Remember this guy ? Well seeing I'm currently on a dog roll and only have 7 days before I have to go back to the place called school, I decided to bring the wolf dog out. Finding documentation was kind of hard, but I eventually did find some.
First he had apoxie layered on him,

Layered more and added in textured fur,
and more fur, he's becoming an apoxie monster!
Almost half way there!
Almost done.....
 All Done, well only the sculpting part. I have no clue what color to paint him though.........


  1. Great job! Sculpting fur is hard, and he looks awesome. I love all the dogs you've been working on but he is my favorite so far.