Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Indian Pony- Pt. 2

Today, most of the doll was made for my Indian pony. I used one of my paradise horses dolls.
To make the clothes I made a pattern. Next I cut it out of chamois,
Then started to sew the legs.
I did trial and error for figuring out how to do the pants. I've never done pants before and they are sewn on permanently.
The shirt was much much easier for me. I started sewing,
Then turned the shirt inside out,
Here he is on Starlight.
Next came boots. I used chamois then put tooling leather on the bottom.
Here he is! Too bad I wasn't patient enough to paint his face and arms, now I'll have to do that. Then add new black hair. 

I need to figure out a name for him too...hmm...
Part 3 is tomorrow!

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