Sunday, August 12, 2012


Bodies. Bodies for tack. Bodies for customizing. But which ones are the best for generally working for being versitile.? Which ones are left on the curb? This is a tippy post about OF models that work as bodies.
To find the right body model, you have to figure out the size of models you're going to be working on. Lady Phase is called the best body model, but if you're working on something for per say Fox Valley Olvier, it isn't going to work.
I have found that you need to figure out the size of the majority of your performance models and pick a medium model that way.
Models with huge hunking forelocks don't work, since the browband will be huge if it's put on another.

Models without "ears" or ears molded to the mane, aren't great since the bridle won't fit.

Models with small forelocks are great.

They also need a well shaped head, or relatively horselike

Once you've done that, you have the perfect body!

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