Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Fox and The Hound

Remember the 1981 Disney movie The Fox and The Hound? Well after getting 13 Breyer dalmatians at Breyerfest, I have decided to make myself a couple hound dogs. One day, I will buy myself a model fox.
But today is Hound day. I wanted this one to be standing with a lowered tail and a tilted head.
After opening up the bag, I examined the 'dally' for any mold issues.

 Seeing none I heated up the tail with my heat gun and lowered it. I also sharpied where to cut.
Then the trusty dremel was brought out to do the work.
I stuffed the hole with foil,
And got to filling in the hole. She still needs some work done, but she's on her way to being my first Breyer foxhound!

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