Friday, July 13, 2012

Organizing Your Collection

Model horses are like chips. You can never have just one. You keep getting more and more until one day you tell yourself, "I need to organize." So here's a how-to on it!
You'll need a

  1. Binder ( size depends on the size of your collection)
  2. A computer and printer( excel works best for me)
  3. Patience
First, you need to make a form to use for all your models. Here's the form I use.                                Manufacturer (Breyer, Peter Stone, etc) 
Mold Name and Number
Model Name and Number
Years Produced
Value( Always do this in pencil!)
Price Purchased (if known)
Show name

I type it all up in Excel, but any typing program should work. Save the blank and start printing! I include a small picture of the model and paste it in the upper corner of the sheet.

In the binder you can organize it in many ways. Breed types, names, series collections, the sky is the limit! 
I put mine in mold name order. I know my models better by mold.
Some models have certificate or other important papers that go with them. Maybe even ribbons that a model has won.  I get a page prprotector, slip the paper  into it and stick it into the model's page.

Now you can keep adding to your collections without worrying about keeping track!

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  1. I have sort of done my own version of that idea. It works really well.