Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Name Game

Whenever I used to get my models tagged for a show, I used to run into a problem. Names. Yes names, not breed assignments.
 Names can be important. If called for a ribbon or rosette, you don't want to it to be, "And the champion is Mr. Squooshie Ooshie" or so hard to pronounce you don't even know what it is and have to use Google translator to hear it. So I made an answer. A Name Book. Here's how.
First you need a binder. Pick a binder in whatever size you'd like, it all depends on how big of a name book you want.
I get out a spiral bound notebook next and break out the magazines too. Breed magazines work the best for me! Doesn't matter the breed!

I go through the magazine and pick the names I like and write them down in the notebook, in no particular order.If you don't have any magazines, break out the novels. Novels have plenty of good names, it all begins with the title. Not all books will have the ring of a name, but plenty do.
When done, I rip out the pages in the notebook and stick the papers in the binder.

When I use a name, I cross it out and place a tiny note of which horse it went to. You could also organize it by category e. titles of books, breed magazine, etc. Do what you like!
Thanks for reading! If you have any how-to's you'd like for me to do, comment!


  1. I used to do this. It works fairly well unless you are like me, super-picky about names! To me the name has to "fit" the horse. Sometimes I'll have a horse for years and not be able to show it because I can't select the "perfect" name!!

  2. That is such a good idea! thanks!

  3. I've been collecting names since 7th grade. I am 44 now and still to the list....