Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Low Down On Dolls

Ever have a setup that absolutely needs a doll(s) but they stifley sit and bring your setup down instead of up?Well here's the how to on dolls!
A little remaking can do wonders with dolls.  What you'll need is 1) a doll (breyer, or any type of jointed poseable doll) 2) a dremel with a sanding piece*  3) sandpaper 4) exacto knife
I'm going to be making a youth rider. I don't use breyer youth dolls anymore, I use some brand of jointed play dolls that you can buy at regular toy stores. Next time I go to get some I'll be sure to remember the name! *Just found out they are Paradise Horses dolls
Now here it is.

These are some of the creepiest dolls I've ever seen.

I normally repaint the face after I'm done because of these doll's creepiness, but you don't need to if you don't want to (maybe another how-to?) since this is a basic how-to on how to get basic riding dolls.

You need an unclothed doll. See in the thighs how thick they are? Since they're plastic and not fleshy like us, the thighs and butt need to go.

Take out your dremel. I like to start it on low so the sander can "catch" onto the plastic first, before kicking it into high gear.  You want to thin down the plastic enough for the thigh to be flat, but not so thin it makes a hole in the plastic.


Next it's time to sand the butt. You don't want to sand off a ton of it, but you do want to sand enough. Take a regular piece of sand paper and smooth everything down.

You can paint the hands to represent gloves .

 If you want your dolls to hold the reins correctly, you can grab your exacto knife and make a slit between the pinkie and fourth finger.

Valla! You've finished and now have a horse friendly doll!

*Warning-this how to does call for the use of a power tool. If you're a minor be sure to ask your parents for permission.

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