Thursday, July 12, 2012


Repairs. Happens to everyone at some point, whether at a show or at home. My poor cart fell apart for multiple reasons. First, I didn't make it sturdy enough. Second, I packed it extremely carefully going to my last show, but once the class was done I rushed to put it away and didn't pack it well, a drastic difference from earlier.
Nevertheless, my cart needs fixed.

First I ripped off the rest of the remaining shafts, so I could replace it with complete new ones.
Next, I measured the new shafts, then chopped.
Then I took out super glue and baking soda and glued. It makes it strong!

Then sanded it until you couldn't tell when the wood ended and baking soda super glue mix began.

Painted it.

While waiting for the shafts to dry, I took out my modeling paste,

and pasted it into the little grooves in my wheels. Since it dries so fast, I was able to sand and paint it before the shafts were done.

And glued the shafts back on.
Now it's back together, like new!

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