Sunday, July 29, 2012

Best Friends

The song, 'Best Friends' is one of my favorite songs from The Fox And The Hound. So today was another    hound dog day. After finishing about twenty pages in my math summer packet for school I feel accomplished...just need to finish my honors English and AP bio stuff..but that's for later. I wish summer stayed summer...not a chance to add in "stimulation" and "easy homework which equals tests when you come back" for the summer months..but anyways here's my new in-progress hound dog.
I wanted this one to be a male with a high set tail and a lowered head.
So again I marked,

chopped and filled in.

So here's my two foxhounds at the moment! They still need more, but they're coming along. I have some time before my next show so hopefully they'll be done by then!

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