Monday, July 24, 2017

Puppy and Foals

I stayed at the Jordan Farm for Breyerfest 2017. It's the same place I stayed at last year, but this year I had more down time and was able to walk around the grounds more. It's within fifteen minutes of the Horse Park and Clarion. Isn't it pretty?
While the Clarion is buzzing with hobbyists and the Kentucky Horse Park is the ultimate hub for plastic pony people, I got to wake up and play with a puppy and foals in the morning. Staying at the Clarion one year is on my list of hobby things I'd like to experience one day.
Anywats, I meandered down to the pastures where two mares and their foals lived. The pastures were located right outside of our door, so we could watch the sun rise over horse pastures.
The permanent farm dog named Fly followed me. She's an older Border Collie.
She stared while I took pictures.
The horses happily walked over for rubs.
Look at that face. How couldn't you pet that muzzle?
There was another baby too. The farm owners also owned another border collie named Bandit. Isn't she cute? Since she's a puppy she didn't have full farm freedom like Fly.
That face.
I enjoyed the farm and found it to be as beautiful and quaint as last year. Next up is A Good Vintage and NoNANSense.

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