Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone (who celebrates it) has a nice Thanksgiving!
I'm so grateful for everything: Friends, family, and health. And I'm grateful to everyone who has read my blog, whether in passing or a dedicated reader. Love you all!
In other news, I haven't had any pain from my wisdom teeth so hello ham!
My contribution to the family feast was Banana Pudding using this recipe. Yum!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Forgotten Show

I went to Intermediare Live well over a month ago. It took place on Oct 11, at The Farm Show Complex.
It was a great show for me, so it's well overdue for a post!

The show began with other performance.
Scorpio Races got ribbons with Scene and Costume.

Niki and Lizzie had shown at QH Congress the day before, but they stopped by.
I asked Niki which of my English saddle she thought I should use and then she pulled out this and asked if I would like to use it. It's the tooled saddle by Jennifer Buxton and Erin Corbett. My answer was yes.
Look at the prettiness 

The saddle fit Zipper (Harley D Zip)  and my bridle matched the color, so we were set. I also tacked up Scorpio Races to use in English.

Lizzie also brought props and I used her adorable rocking horse jump.

Zipper continued to do well in English.

And he won Reserve Champion!

Here are some other pictures from other classes and the intersport show!
Owned by Kim Bleecker

Owned by Kim Bleecker

Owned by Pat Coulter

Owned by Ashley Marconi 

Owned by Kim Bleecker

Owned by Kim Bleecker

Monday, November 23, 2015

My Wisdom Teeth Adventure

Whenever I see wisdom teeth wake up videos, I normally laugh. Because they are funny. So when my dentist said I needed the four teeth taken out, I said as long as it was over Thanksgiving/fall break. My sister had hers out last year and she wasn't exciting. Her comedy level was a zero. She was completely coherent and acted like it was a day in the park. So I was curious to see how I acted.
I had my wisdom teeth taken out today. My nerves were all over the place because it was my first ever surgery. I thought that I would fight the anesthesia, so when the doctor said in 30 seconds I would feel sleepy I thought I would get down to one and still be awake. That was a big nope. I doubt I made it past twenty five. I was out cold.
I woke up with my coat on and my mom asking me if I was ready to leave. Apparently waking me up was a struggle. I was in a happy sleepy trance and it took forever for me to wake up. So, this video ensued. I was still halfway asleep.

My mom took a couple of videos because of how funny I was to her. I was dead serious about everything I did . I couldn't walk straight, so it took my mom and the nurse to get me to the car.
Then the car. I bought Adele's new CD the day it came out and it's been living in my Mom's car since. When she turned her car on Hello started to play. And I totally belted it out like there was no tomorrow. Tone deafness, gauze filled mouth, and all. Adele was the only one in the car hitting those notes, but I was convinced that starting a band was a must do. Because I was rocking it. There is a video of this on facebook, but I am going to forget that ever happened. Yup, yup, yup. It will go down into the forgotten hole of facebook videos.
I also said I was going to write a book when I got home. Which I did. I grabbed my surface and began to type away. Eyes closed while saying whatever I was typing. Because real author skills.
My mom, sister and me tried to understand what I wrote later, because I wrote a lot. Much gibberish about cats, zombies and my sudden rapping career. The sentences I strung together were gems such as this: I am a rapper. I can do the rhythms good and I can shake it off.
When I first got home, I really wanted to go into the craft room and make model horse tack. I'm so happy that I was put in bed. Who knows what would have been made or how many fingers would have been lost.
So far I haven't had any pain. I'm hoping that continues even though the dentist said my bottom teeth were hard to pull out. I hate sitting still and not being able to do stuff. So I'm hoping I still feel well tomorrow so I can sneak down into the craft room and do model stuff. Hopefully.
Not sad about losing them, but ice cream is always good.
Well, that was the first and last time to get my wisdom teeth pulled. It was quite an experience for my mom and one that I can actually remember most of!

Sunday, November 22, 2015


I'm pretty sure I heard about Owlcrate through Facebook. Or Instagram. One of those two. The last time I did a book subscription was when I was still a part of PONY. So it's been a while.
Per the website, Owlcrate is "a subscription service that sends you magical monthly boxes tailored to a chosen theme. Each OwlCrate will contain one new Young Adult novel, as well as 3-5 other bookish treats to help you get your nerd on."
Before deciding to try it, I wanted to see what exactly was considered 'Young Adult' since that could range from books similar to The Hunger Games or The Scorpio Races  to things like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid or Captain Underpants. Not that there's anything bad about the last two, but those are much too young for me, But teen? Something I can totally get into. From scanning the past boxes, their young adult seemed more upper teen minded. So I decided to give it a shot.
My November package came today! I loved the box. Not that I would have been upset about a plain box, but I like the owl on the top. It's cute.

Everything was wrapped nicely.
Each month, the featured book is one that has been published within the past 40 days. The chances that I have already bought it is low. Every month has a theme and November's theme was Myths and Legends. It came with a little card to explain.

 This month's book was Soundless by Richelle Mead. I wasn't all that into Vampire Academy; I read the first one and finished it but just felt ehh about it and didn't read any more of the books. I was in the minority among my friends though. The others enjoyed them. So I'm hoping I like Soundless more!
There were other bookish themed items that came with the book. Owlcrate uses independant artists' items to include in each box. There was tea, which will be great to drink tomorrow after my wisdom teeth surgery. Maybe. Hopefully. There was a castle necklace, a Percy Jackson bracelet, and a mirror.  For $29.99 plus shipping I don't think it was a bad deal.
I did like this, and hope to do this again in the future. I plan on trying out some other book subscription boxes too and seeing which one I liked the most. 
If you're interested in trying this, December box's theme is Get Inspired. And if you want to say I referred you to it, here's the special link for me! ( I can get a free box if enough people say I referred them!). There's also a coupon for first time users on Owlcrate's website. 

Has anyone tried any other book subscription boxes? Any you'd recommend? 

Showing Weekend Part 2

The second day of showing was also the last show of the fall season. Since the farm was so pretty we decided to take a group photo with our show clothes.

Since it was a two day show, many of the horses that were used on Saturday were used on Sunday. So here are some highlight photos from the day!

I got a 5th in my class!

The team also surprised our coach with flowers. She figured it all out ahead of time so our plan of being sneaky kind of failed. So here's her *I'm-surprises-not-really* picture.  ahah!  

It was a great season and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to be a part of a great group of people. I feel that my riding improved a bunch and I can't wait until the spring!