Thursday, July 17, 2014

Made With Code

Today this arrived in the mail. The sad thing is that I had forgotten about it.

This is the *very short* backstory. First, it was made by Made With Code. Made With Code is a program by Google that was created to encourage girls to get excited about coding, with the hope that more girls would enter into the tech industry. Google is investing $50 million dollars into the program over the next 3 years, and on the website there are how-tos and such that deal with coding. It really is a cool program and I applaud the 2 companies on putting their foot where their mouth is (they want to try to get more girls interested? So they fund a project to try to make it happen).
My only jump into coding was another hobby that I'm still semi-a part of. Petz. Each of the original breeds looked like dogs or cats but you could download programs that allowed you to redo the petz and make them into creatures that you wanted.
Hence how I got horses



other dog breeds,
And other animals.

I coded and used another program called the Petz Workshop. I spent many many hours on the game........
So the bracelet.
The cool part of the program is that you can make 2 free 3-d bracelets. The website is very easy to use and the bracelets are very cool. It literally costs you 0$. The shipping is free too. The bracelet is very cute.
So of course I made one bracelet that says Five Paws Studio and another one that says DFTBA. So click away at the link, read about the program, and make a bracelet or two. :)

Also, Five Paws Studio is now also on Tumblr. I'm still figuring out what one does with it, but if you have a model horse/horse themed tumblr, follow me and I'll follow back! It's actually a pretty cool thing.


  1. I have a tumblr for my photography but I need to update it with recent shoots, its Cassie Thomas Photography. Check it out!!!!