Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jumping into Social Media

Even though I am currently a teen, by no means would I call myself a huge teen social media person. But I broke my bubble and Five Paws Studio now has an Instagram which *shockingly* is called fivepawsstudio. Cassie Thomas of Clover Leaf Props had one and it looked like fun, so I have one too now!
So if you're on Instagram, go follow!
I decided to make one and it turned out that I had made one before. We won't go into the sadness of what it looked like. But obviously, when I made it I didn't have a clue about how to work it.

Now the last part of Five Paws' new outlets. Youtube.
My friend(who has her own blog here) and I have a shared youtube account thing. While it won't be completely model horse-y, I plan on making model horse videos ranging from tips, to pictures, to how-tos. The goal for the channel is for her to vlog and give tips about her awesome life next year in Japan and for me to talk about my life here, aka college and hobbies. If I figure out youtube, hopefully there will be a video in the near future!
Akhal-Teke at Kentucky Horse Park


  1. Welcome to Instagram. I followed you and am looking forward to seeing more of your posts. :)