Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Breyerfest Loot

I *think* that I have recovered from Breyerfest. It was a wonderful weekend.
But I've finally unpacked my models I bought.
First, I bought a cow from Towns End Art. You can never have enough cows.

Next is Hotchic 2.0 who was casted by Mountain View Studios. I can't wait to paint her and do performance-y stuff with her.

Next is the Celebration model, which I actually am not unhappy about. I like the gloss.

My volunteer model, which I think will stay with me for now (unless someone would like to trade an unpainted Chexs Bueno *hint*)

Lastly are my special run models.
I bought two platinum stars,

and the bear pair. Both are adorable.

I also ended up with a silver nakota pop the cork and a matte appy, but those will be going on to their new homes soon, so they aren't included with my loot!


  1. Is the second Platinum Star for me???? oh you are so sweet! ;)

    *Laughing to myself*

    It looks like you had a lot of fun! Maybe I will go next year.......

    1. Lol
      I blame the appy carrick. That's why I have 2. :)
      And you should totally come! Breyerfest is a ton of fun. You're apart of a 3 day no sleep glee filled weekend.