Saturday, July 5, 2014

Breyerfest DIY

My sister made a t-shirt yesterday using a technique that was different from Silk Screening. So today I tried it out since it would be cool to have a studio tshirt. I used this how-to as a reference, and even though it dealt with words it is easy to apply to other shapes and designs. I also used my sister.

Before starting I made a pattern design.

Then I traced it onto the matte side of freezer paper.

Cut it out.

Ironed it onto the shirt.

Dabbed in the color I wanted.

Peeled it off, and done! So if you see a person wearing this shirt next week, it's me!
The only con to this way of doing it is the pattern lasting, which is much shorter than silkscreening. But this is great for one time use.


  1. Wow, sounds easy enough. I might have to make one too.

  2. Replies
    1. I used Tulip Slick Dimensional Paint, but any fabric paint should work. You could also use crayons and iron it onto the T-shirt and that stays well too.