Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Funny Rip Off

Twas the night before pre-Breyerfest and at 1 in the morning, I decided that I was finished. The house was quiet, and the only ones who were stirring were the cats and me (the cats can hang). My packing was done,  models were safe, and was phone was charging.
I realized that there was a science to packing that I had not mastered, mostly because my floor was filled with bags and the smallest one was made of clothes.
So here is the list:
How I packed:
-Wait until the night before
-Throw clothes in a bag, praying that something matches
-Bring every electronic owned
-Don't worry about DVDs because Netflix will have everything,  plus who will ever be at the hotel anyway? It's Breyerfest!
-Bring snacks,  aka sugar
-Bring more than than could ever be needed because, why leave a car half empty?

My very bad rip off of The Night Before Christmas, but it's 1 am. :) Hope to see some of you at Breyerfest!  :)

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